SyxthSense PDS2-H
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SyxthSense PDS2-H


Controls for heating systems can be simple one zone, multi-zone or full BEMS systems.

The PDS2-H controller is configured using the LCD display and touch sensitive buttons. In the programming mode parameters such as the weather compensation curve settings, boost or night setback operation, pump temperature ECO setpoint etc. can be configured. The configuration is easy using an intuitive menu structure.

PDS2-H has built-in Modbus RTU communication that can used to connect the controller to building management systems or the PDS2-H can be used with WebBiter Web-Browser interface. Using WebBiter all plant parameters are available for display and analysis via a standard web-browser.

Key features:
  • Can be connected to building management systems
  • Single to multi-zone controls
  • Intuitive menu structure
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