Richmond College of Adult and Community Education

Case Study

The college had a number of old boilers and a system that consumed a large amount of fuel. The brief was to reduce their energy bills and provide a user friendly and energy efficient system.

“This large and old building needed monitored control within different areas - resulting in an incredible 40% reduction of energy bills.”

Our engineers carried out a comprehensive survey of the existing system and a report with findings and recommendations to improve the system was presented to the client.

We replaced the main boiler with a modern equivalent which used less gas. Energy efficient variable speed pumps were installed - these significantly reduced the electricity bill.

Commercially rated 'tamperproof' thermostatic radiator valves were added, to stop students from altering the heat flow themselves.

Weather compensation and optimisation systems gave more sensitive control of temperature throughout the building, this was an important aspect of the design as room occupancy varies continually.

The overall effect of these changes resulted in an incredible 40% reduction in the annual heating bills and gave the client much more control over their heating - previously they opened windows when rooms overheated, wasting a massive amount of energy.

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