Servicing and Repair


Regular maintenance and inspection will reduce the risk of breakdown and ensure the system continues to run efficiently, keeping your running costs down and equipment free from bugs. If a breakdown occurs one of our qualified engineers will be on site as a priority.

For convenience, our planned maintenance work can be carried out when there is no one in the building - during the night for offices and at quiet times for the leisure industry for example.

Once we have identified your problem our engineer will endeavour to fix it within the first visit. If parts are necessary and we do not have them available at the time, we will contact you to confirm price and availability and return as soon as possible to make a repair.

Our cleaning product used for air conditioning servicing was originally developed initially to provide a ‘one-stop’ cleaner for ambulances (inside and out). It contains a powerful biocide and viricide package which eliminates bacteria and viruses including Legionella, Hepatitis and HIV. Also contains bacterial effectiveness against gramm positive and negative organisms.

Very effective at removing traffic-film, dirt, grime, grease, black mould and algae from air conditioning systems. It is also safe for use in food preparation and food storage areas.

Does not harm textiles and fabrics, unlike bleach, and does not contain unpleasant odours that can become stifling in small spaces.