Carbon Trust Green Business Fund


27th Mar 2017

WHAT IS THE GREEN BUSINESS FUND? The Green Business Fund provides an attractive and accessible support package to help small and medium-sized businesses in England, Wales and Scotland identify energy saving opportunities and install energy efficient equipment in their business.

The BESA has partnered with The Carbon Trust to promote and support their Green Business Fund.

Seaforth is an accreditated BESA member

The partnership provides BESA members with the opportunity to become an Accredited Supplier, eligible to deliver energy saving projects which could be part-funded through the Green Business Fund.

The Green Business Fund Capital Contribution is a non-repayable contribution of up to £10,000* – or 30% of the total project cost - available to help SMEs finance energy efficiency projects.

AN EXAMPLE OF A GREEN BUSINESS FUND APPLICATION IS BELOW:- A Carbon Trust customer has an energy efficient improved as shown below:- Example 1 Existing technology: They currently have 2 x 80kW Ideal Concorde CX-310 G rated commercial gas boilers. Heating is via radiators and controlled with a Heatmiser control unit. Proposed solution: Looking to directly replace these with more efficient models. The temperature sensor could also do with re-siting as it’s too close to the shutter doors which are regularly open for deliveries. Consumption: Annual gas use is ~122,131 kWh.

Example 2 1) Heating & hot water upgrade – replacement of 30 year old gas boiler & hot water system, current gas use ˜200,000 kWh per year 2) Draught proofing – replacement/introduction of draught proofing materials around metal frame entrance doors and windows, total floor area ˜2,400m2

What would you need to do to be more energy efficient??