Compliance/Duty of Care/Legal Requirements


1st Sep 2017

Using and operating a building, be it for manufacturing, office, hotel, school or other educational establishment, nursing home for example can be a daunting task with many statutory and operational inspections required. As useful document which details these is the CIBSE guide M; Maintenance engineering and management - Statutory Compliance legislation and guidance and we can help you achieve these safety requirements

As a specialist in the heating and cooling field, with all the required accreditations, we can carry out the safety inspections and provide the necessary certificates and reports e.g. Gas Safety Inspections, Oil Storage inspections, FGas Inspections (Refrigeration).

In addition we are able to support you in the control of legionella, carrying out and providing reports for your Legionella Control Logbook. This work is required to be carried out on varying timescales from weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and annually.

For catering establishments it is important to have commercial catering equipment serviced according to manufacturers instructions and a gas safety inspection annually, this would also include testing the ventilation system and measuring CO and CO2 gases in the working area. Refrigeration equipment needs regular servicing to ensure they are operating at the correct temperature for safe food storage.

Fire regulations also require the cleaning of catering canopies and ductwork (TR19) to remove grease which is a fire hazard.

Insurance companies require all of the above to be carried out according to Statutory Requirements and to recommended timescales - please contact us to discusss further