Energy Related Products - New EU directive from 26th September


31st Jul 2015

There are big changes on the horizon for boilers. The ErP (Energy related products) directive will be coming into place as of 26th September 2015. Firstly the big change for gas boilers – Non-condensing boilers will no longer be allowed and an integrated low energy pump (for gas boilers specifically) will be mandatory .

Boiler manufacturers will now have to make sure that all of their products have compliant and correct energy labelling, see pictures

Installers will need to calculate the systems efficiency figure, based on the different components of the system. This includes the boiler, controls, heat pumps, etc which will then be added to the energy efficiency “package label” to complete the installation.

In addition to the mandatory energy label, a package label will also be needed for packages i.e. when heating products are installed together (e.g. a boiler or heat pump with a solar cylinder or controls).

Heating installers are the ones who sell heating products to the end customer and there are a number of new responsibilities, as below

Display labels correctly Legally required to produce a Package Label when selling certain combinations of heating equipment to customers. Producing a package label every time a boiler is fitted.