Legionella in the workplace


4th Mar 2016

Legionella control is a requirement under the HSE regulations. Seaforth can help you implement this and support the programme. Below is a sample of HSE requirements and more details are on their website.

If you have five or more employees you have to record any significant findings, including those identified as being particularly at risk and the steps taken to prevent or control risks. If you have less than five employees, you do not need to write anything down, although it is useful to keep a written record of what you have done.

Records should include details of the:

person or persons responsible for conducting the risk assessment, managing, and implementing the written scheme significant findings of the risk assessment written control scheme and details of its implementation details of the state of operation of the system, i.e. in use/not in use results of any monitoring inspection, test or check carried out, and the dates
These records should be retained throughout the period for which they remain current and for at least two years after that period. Records kept in accordance with (e) should be retained for at least five years.