Retrofit Underfloor Heating - domestic and commercial environments


19th Apr 2017

You would like underfloor heating but have solid concrete floors or floorboards - now you can have Retrofit Underfloor Heating. It is simply laid over any floor deck and across any floor level, making it suitable for retrofit projects as well as new build.

This quick and simple installation with just a 15mm height build up can be installed on top of your existing floor - this can be done in your own home or in a commercial business.

Key facts:

  • Compatible with any gas, oil and LPG condensing boilers
  • Minimal disruption, just clear the room and lay underfloor heating
  • Specification considerations:
  • Dry Floor construction
  • 80W/msq heat output in an ideal scenario
  • Fast/medium response
  • Edge detail fits irregular room size
  • Installation considerations:
  • Floor components fitted at second-fix stage
  • Sits on top of any existing structural deck
  • Floor coverings can be fitted almost immediately

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