Commercial Catering, Boats, Caravans and Other Gas Services

Other Services

We can support you from commercial catering compliance to below ground gas services such as gas mains or LPG pipework and full maintenance contracts.

Seaforth are experts in the maintenance, servicing and installation of ventilation and extract systems in commercial catering environments.

Our engineers are trained and competent to carry out installation or amendments to industrial pipework. We also service overhead warm air or radiant heaters and Stordy burners, or a bunsen burner system within a university or classroom for instance all these can be tested by our professional engineers.

On completion we will provide you with Gas Safety Certifcates and guarantee our work for one year.

Gas Safety Certificates for Commercial, Retail, Public Premises

Health and Safety requires that all premises are checked and certified as safe. This includes a Commercial Gas Safety check and certificate to be carried out and provided on an annual basis.

Leisure - Boats and Caravans

All gas installations in boats or caravans should be tested and certificated as safe annually.


We are registered to install commercial meters for natural gas and LPG installations.

Swimming Pools

We are registered with Gas Safe to carry out works on swimming pool boilers for both natural gas and LPG installations.