Commercial Catering

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All natural gas or LPG catering equipment in catering establishments must be tested annually to ensure is safe and meets current gas regulations with a Gas Safety Report issued annually. Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Office canteens, Fish and Chips Shops and other such providers, Mobile Catering Units, Canteens in Factories, Public Houses, Private Clubs etc

The regulation recommends that all gas equipment is serviced according to the manufacturers instructions at least annually. Not only is the equipment tested but we look at the ventilation and gas shut off systems to provide a totally safe working environment for your employees. NEW VENTILATION REGULATIONS HAVE BEEN INTRODUCED.

We are registered with Gas Safe to certificate:

  • Commercial Range Cookers - Natural Gas and LPG
  • Commercial Pressure/Expansion boilers - NG and LPG
  • Commercial Fat and Pressure Fryers - NG and LPG
  • Commercial Fish and Chip Ranges - NG and LPG
  • Commercial Forced Draught Burners - NG and LPG
  • Mobile Range Cookers - LPG
  • Mobile Catering Fryers - LPG
  • Mobile Catering Water Boilers - LPG
  • Mobile Catering Instant Water Heaters - LPG
  • Commercial Gas Pipework

In addition we can service and maintain electrical equipment including testing for microwave leakage, dishwasher breakdown and repair and servicing and repair of cold rooms etc.

To complete this we offer a cleaning service in line with TR19 for canopies including filters and ranges, grills, salamanders, deep fat fryers etc.

Commercial Catering

Specialist Gas Safety Certificates are required for commercial kitchens and mobile catering vehicles. These safety checks need to be carried out annually and we also recommend that kitchen canopies are cleaned to remove fat which is flammable.