Legionella Control and Legislation

Water Management

As members of the Legionella Control Association, we take water quality seriously, specialising in all aspects of water and its management specifically to meet Legionella Control legislation

The most critical element of water management is meeting the legal requirements under HSG274/ACOP L8 (control of legionella in water systems). It is within a company's Duty of Care to provide a safe environment for employees and the public.

We will help you achieve this by attending your premises to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment, which identifies areas of risk and offers solutions in a written report. It will show you how to set up a management system for control of legionella.

Any problems identified must be timetabled for action and regular monitoring of water temperatures undertaken and record keeping established. Once this is in place we can help you carry out the works, either as a one off project or an ongoing basis.

We can carry out the regular testing as required on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and annual basis. We keep electronic reports which are sent to you by email to enable you to add to your legionella control site Log Book.