Boosted & Pressurised Water Systems

Water Management

If your water pressure is low then you may be at risk from Legionnaire's Disease.

Do you have complaining customers, unhappy with the limited flow of a shower or bath, or in industrial circumstances, poor water flow to support your manufacturing processes. A boosted system will increase the pressure at all points of use, improving flow of water and reducing the risk of Legionella.

Storing cold water in tanks in a confined loft/roof void where ventilation is poor and is liable to excessive heating is a risk factor for poor water quality and legionella.

Modern, fully insulated glass fibre tanks of the correct size can be located externally and connected to a booster set keeping water moving safely.

For more information about Legionella and your legal duties and solutions please visit our sister website HydroAction.

A selection of the boosted & pressurised water systems products we supply and install: